the comfort spot ios app

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after the androids, it’s time for the apples.

the comfort spot app is now available for all of you iPod/iphone/ipad owners and you can download it for free right now. this is the link.

i know that the app is not the most polished out there, but I’m doing what I can considering there is only one of me :) developing for all platforms is a hard and long work so I would appreciate it if you give it 5 stars!

keep on smiling,
amitay :)


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remember when not so long ago, the “my spot” told you that you have updates, and you would go in and won’t understand what the heck is happening?

well, I fixed that and things should be clear to understand.

first of all - groups are no longer part of the my spot area. you probably noticed that already. groups will tell you about group updates in the groups section only. simple as it suppose to be :)

second, I’ve added a new ability to make friends (!!!) - you can go on a soul page and click the “add friend” button. the other soul will receive a notification and can approve the friends ship. once approved, you will see each other’s posts on the my spot section.

if you want to avoid sharing with friends, just post anonymously.

make sense, doesn’t it?

if you don’t want other souls to add you as friends, you can uncheck the box in the settings page.

I’ve also added some statistics on the souls page so if you don’t want them to appear - the settings page will also help you with that :)

so that’s it for now!

keep on smiling,
amitay :)

need an advice?

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hey you!

I promised, and now you have it.
over the last week I have implemented a new feature called "advices".

advices is a new way for you to give comfort independently to anyone on the web. go and look at your soul page, it has a new box that is called “ask for my advice”. anyone that gets on to your page can use the advice box and ask you for an advice (you can’t see this box on your profile, only on other souls profiles).

a notification will pop once you get a new advice and you will be able to give your smart words and help others.
here are a few things you should know about this new feature.

  • all advices are public. users who are not members on the comfort spot can see advices and comments, but they need to log in in order to ask you anything.
  • as usual, nicknames are hidden. only you and the author of the question can see it.
  • authors of advices asks can reply to their asks only.
  • you have the ability to delete any comment or question on your page.
  • you can go on any other soul page and block it from posting on your page.
  • if you wish not to receive questions, that’s ok and you can disable this by going to your settings page and uncheck the advices checkbox.

so this is it, my big surprise for you.
take your soul pages URLs and post them everywhere so other souls on the planet can see and receive your help :)

keep on smiling,
amitay :)

improved soul pages

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this week I’ve uploaded an update that is part 1 of a major update to your soul pages.

If you haven’t noticed, you can now go to the settings page and choose a background color. But it’s not just the color - your whole soul page is now looking better and more inviting to look at. the details are sorted into nice boxes and the most important thing is… well.I can’t tell you yet :)

next week, or maybe the week after I will upload a fantastic update that I really care for and really hope will help you and others with this whole comfort spot revolution.

In the meantime, keep spreading the word to the world and be as awesome as you are!

keep on smiling,
amitay :)